Soylent Greene

by Logan Greene & The Bricks

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Soylent Greene is the debut album from Logan Greene & The Bricks of Tucson, Arizona. The record travels from high-energy folk rock to straightforward love songs to soulful pop jams all within 10 songs. The songwriting on the album has been compared to works of Jonathan Richman, Daniel Johnston and Billy Bragg. Players on the album include Nate Jasensky (guitar), Becky Pattowitz (vocals), Fernando Gomez (drums), Ray Borboa (bass) and Logan Greene (guitar/vocals). The raw intensity of the songs and the album give it a unique, personal characteristic which is hard to find on modern records


released November 27, 2010

mixed by Nate Jasensky. mastered by Bryan Leavelle




Logan Greene & The Bricks Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Why Am I Lonely?
Why can I only write the good songs when I’m lonely. Why do I feel good only when I’m unhappy. Why when I write, I stay up for all the night and then, the next day, I throw all of it away. Why am I lonely? Why do I miss her, only when I’m with her and when I’m without her it’s like it doesn’t even matter.
Track Name: Your Love For Me
I would be nowhere without you. I would be no one without your love. It’s not as though I’m special, but ‘cause you think I’m special, I have done so much with your love. In the summertime, we would spend all day and night hanging out and making plans, in the summertime and I would sing a song for you anytime you’d ask me to, I would sing a song for you. We’ve grown apart, but we haven’t grown out of having fun and just hanging out and it would kill me just to think that it won’t be here again. It would kill me. When I’m away from you I’ve got no clue on what I’m gonna do, when I’m away, away from you. But when I get to where I need to be it will be ‘cause of you, your love for me, your love for me.
Track Name: Don't Wanna Break (Your Heart)
It’s hard to let go. It’s hard to move on. But you must understand, I’m already gone. I have love for my family. I have love for my friends. A love that’s true, but when it comes to you, that’s where my love, it ends. I don’t wanna break your heart like this. You must see the truth. We do not belong.
Track Name: Hold Me Close
Hold me close and don’t let go. Take it fast or take it slow. Hold me close, don’t ever leave. But what I know will be, will be. I know, I know you cannot take it back. I know, I know you’ve gotta make it last. Hold me close, I’ll never die and let the truth forgive the lie. Hold me close, it will not last. But let the now forgive the past.
Track Name: Everybody Dies Alone
Everybody dies alone in the same way you were born. Despite whatever you’ve been told, everybody dies alone. The greatest pain I’ve ever known, the pain of being alone. But that is all I’ve ever known and I will die alone. Don’t be disheartened. Don’t be upset. Do not give up on me quite yet. You can still be happy, you can leave all this behind. The only thing that matters is how you live your life. All the things that you own, they will not be there when you go. And all the people that you know, they’ll all die alone. No one will be there when you’re gone. It’ll just be you when you’ve reached the great beyond. But if you learn to live with yourself, you need not worry, don’t worry about death.
Track Name: I Can't Love You
I can’t love you for reasons unknown. I can’t hold you tight. I can’t be with you alone. I can’t even look at you without feeling blue. It’s a burning emptiness in the pit of my stomach ever time I think about you. But darling don’t you worry, I’ll still be there for you. Darling don’t you worry your pretty little head, ‘cause I’ll still be true. It’s all me and baby it’s all you. And we try and we try and we try and we try, but that’s nothing that we can do. ‘Cause I can’t stomach the sight of you. You’re very presence leaves me ill. And you can’t leave me and we can’t get free ‘cause we just don’t have the will. I can’t love you more than I already do and baby I can’t love you.
Track Name: City Bus
City bus, city bus, go go go! Take the fast lane, don’t be slow. Take my baby, yeah bring her home. City bus, city bus, go go go! I will wait for my baby at the bus stop at one. I will wait for my baby, she will come, she will come. I will wait for my baby at the bus stop at two. I will wait for my baby, yes she will, she will come through. I will wait for my baby at the bus stop at three. I will wait for my baby, she will come back to me. I will wait for my baby at the bus stop at four and if she’s a little late then I will wait a little more. And if my baby does not show, I will wait right there with hope that someone waits there just like me for their baby patiently. Turns out, their waiting for me.
Track Name: They Always Say
It’s like they always say, you can’t keep giving it away. It’s like they always say, you’ve gotta find a way to get paid. It’s like they always do, you’ve gotta find someone to screw. It’s like they always do, you’ve gotta find somebody new. One by one, you’ve gotta fight ‘em ‘til their done. Two by two, you’ve gotta beat ‘em black and blue. Three by three, you’ve gotta bring ‘em to their knees and by the time there’s four there’ll be no more. It’s like I always thought you’ve gotta run to walk the walk. It’s like I always thought you’ve gotta scream to talk the talk. It’s like I always knew, you’ve gotta be honest, loyal and true. It’s like I always knew, it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s like I always say, you’ve gotta give it all away.
Track Name: It's Been Too Long...
It’s been too long to say I’m sorry. It’s been to long to say I’m wrong. You don’t talk to me anymore, it’s not like we’ve ever talked before. It’s been too long and now I’m gone. I’m sorry I came back into your life. I know there was a time you wanted me to die. It’s not like I meant for it to end this way, it was all me, I just could not stay. So now I’ve learned the err in my ways. If I could only turn back the days, still I’d probably make the same mistakes. A FRAGILE GIRL I’M BOUND TO BREAK.
Track Name: I Don't Need To Be A Star
I’ll sit by the fire and I’ll sing you songs and I’ll sit by your side and I’ll sing along. and every time that you hear this verse. It’ll feel just the same as it did the first. They say that a crowd is three but you’re the only crowd that I’ll ever need. I don’t need to be a star. I don’t even need any fans as long as you’ll be holdin’ my hand. I’ll think about you each and every day. No matter how close or how far away? And my songs will echo deep inside your ear. Every day, every week, every month, every year. I’ll promise all of these things to you, but my only wish is that you knew that I’ll never even get to kiss your lips or hear your voice ‘cause you don’t exist…